Sterile Isopropyl Alcohol Gallon Jugs (6-LS7030VS-IPA-1G)

Bulk packaged in economical gallon jugs, our blend of 70% IPA and 30% USP grade water is so pure and low in chemical extractables it can be used to remove chemical residues from other cleaning solutions and solvents. Recommended for use in ISO 3-8 controlled environments.

Product Options

  • Validated sterile standard
  • Bulk gallon jug
  • USP grade water
  • Gallon jugs
  • 70% USP Grade Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 30% USP Purified DI Water or Water for Injection (WFI) Quality
  • Alcohol blend filtered to 0.2 microns
  • Pyrogen free
  • Gamma irradiated and validated to a sterility level of 10-6
  • Certificate of sterility provided with each case