Saturix™ is made by FG Clean Wipes,

a leader in specialized wiping products.

Saturix™ is made by FG Clean Wipes,

a leader in specialized wiping products.


For more than 100 years, FG Clean Wipes has quietly been a trusted manufacturer of critical cleaning products. Capitalizing on these decades of research, design and innovation, we now launch Saturix®, a complete system for critical cleaning featuring innovative carts, mops and wipes.


The Saturix product line features numerous worldwide patents for innovations related to our Hands-Free System for pocket mops, Precision-Dosing System for premium cleaning carts, and mop frame designs.


We back up all of our performance claims with hard data. Our mops are third-party tested by an independent, nationally renowned laboratory against major competing mops. All of our wipes are tested according to IEST methodology.

Making the world safer, healthier and more productive.

FG Clean Wipes is a part of Filtration Group, a world-wide multi-billion-dollar company with core markets in life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing.

Our customers can rely on and benefit from the experience, strength, distribution and sourcing of a global enterprise.

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